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Nepali Yoga Centre

Yoga is a science of holistic-living, so that one may be happpy, healthy and in harmony on all pervasive levels. Through step-wise disciplining of one’s body (yogasanas), mind (meditation) and spirit (self-realization), unity is achieved. The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit «yuj» (to join), and means «union or connection». Yoga is therefore a union between our inner self and the Divine.

Yoga Center offers Hatha yoga as a basis to bring balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit. «Ha» means sun, and «tha» signifies moon. In our bodies, the sun is situated near the navel area, and the moon in the region above the palet. Hatha yoga is a way of unifying these two elements within our physical selves. On a more practical level, yoga is excellent for the body, making it active, removing its impurities and eliminating any extra fats. It will make indolent people active, and relax those who are tense. Yoga helps develop our creativity and live a fulfilling life by releasing our unsuspected potential. Yogasanas (postures) are part of a bigger yoga system which also involves breathing exercices (pranayamas), cleansing exercices (shuddhikriyas) and mind-training practices (Dhayana).

The essence of yoga, however, is not its postures or physical exercises. Real yoga happens anytime and anywhere, because yoga is a way of life

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